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Need an easier way to prioritize and monitor inspection findings?

Effective Safety and Housekeeping Inspections are one of the most important incident/accident prevention tools in an organization's safety and health program. A checklist is usually developed for each job site to ensure consistent and comprehensive inspections.

PRIO enables your team to record findings from your checklist in a visible and prioritized way, and to ensure that issues are assigned to a responsible person who has the ability to carry out the necessary changes. Visibility of such findings is important to ensure that all items are followed up and corrected, as well as to trigger additional input from workers.

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Triage of health and safety findings uses PRIO's dual-scoring medical triage technique to float the most urgent items to the top of your priorities.

PRIO allows your organization to view a ranked list of all outstanding issues, on-line, 24/7, through our customizable internet cloud tool.

Assign each issue to one of your team, with a proposed deadline. If no action is entered by the deadline, a reminder will be sent to the person, by SMS-text to their cellphone, or by email. Further reminders will be sent at intervals of your choice, such as once a day, until the action is acknowledged or the deadline is reset.