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Enable your team to triage clients and optionally display their position in your ranked waiting list, much like the arrivals display in an airport.

Client scores are automatically recalculated and raised as each client's waiting time progresses, thus moving the client higher up the list than new arrivals.

Better oversight of waiting clients can be achieved if you assign one of your team as monitor with a proposed review date and time. An SMS-text reminder or email would then be sent at that time to the monitor. If your monitor does not act on the reminder, a fresh reminder will be sent at intervals of your choice, such as once a week.

When a client's waiting list status graduates from "In Process" to "Completed", we can configure your application to transfer that client's data to a second list where the active caseload of your team can be managed.

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PRIO's therapy client triage prioritizes based on urgency of care following an initial assessment.  Scoring takes place on a single screen in your browser and you are required to enter a client identifier and select one or more client complaints from the 20 questions displayed.  You may alter, add or delete these questions to suit your purposes.