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Worried that your organization does not reply to special pricing requests fast enough? PRIO's priority management system provides real-time, on-line, 24/7, shared focus.

Introducing pricing workup schedules based on your priorities. Refreshingly simple to use and easy on the eyes.

Step 1 is entering your pricing requests as they arise.
Step 2 is overseeing your on-line listing of open pricing requests.

Assign each pricing request to one of your team, with a proposed deadline. If no action is entered by the deadline, a reminder will be sent to the person, by SMS-text to their cellphone, or by email. Further reminders will be sent at intervals of your choice, such as every 4 hours, until the pricing is issued or the deadline is reset.

Pricing request scores are automatically recalculated every 3 minutes and increased as waiting time progresses, thus moving the request higher up the list than new entries.

PRIO lets you optimize pricing support requests to your customers or distributors based on the magnitude of the sales opportunities presented to you, the closeness of the match to your current objectives, and the quality of the information provided to you about each opportunity. Focusing on the best opportinities and tracking your to-do list of pricing requests becomes simple.

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Your priority scoring rules are highly configurable and adaptable to exactly your current marketing priorities, and your own business' weighting of decision factors.

Your listing of pricing requests, with their relative priority scores, can be securely shared 24/7 by issuing passwords to key stakeholders. Sharing priority scores in real time with your commercial team or partners leads to better understanding and quicker interaction between your team's players.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, operate a larger business, or are optimizing a sold-out or fully loaded service organization, QuePasa has a subscription plan that caters to your needs.