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Armies march on their stomachs. Organizations march on their opportunities. Without a visible list of ranked opportunities, your key players may be headed in different directions. Are you in touch, in real-time, with your team's PRIOrities or business pipeline opportunities?

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PRIO lets you optimize opportunity activity based on the magnitude of the opportunities presented to you, the closeness of the match to your current objectives, and the quality of the information provided to you about each opportunity. Focusing on the best opportunities and tracking their follow-through becomes simple.

Your scoring and prioritization rules are highly configurable and adaptable to exactly your current marketing priorities, and your own organization's weighting of decision factors.

Assign each opportunity to one of your team, with a proposed deadline. If no action is entered by the deadline, a reminder will be sent to the person, by SMS-text to their cellphone, or by email. Further reminders will be sent at intervals of your choice, such as once a day, until the action is acknowledged or the deadline is reset.

An on-line listing of open opportunities, ranked by their relative priority scores, can be securely shared 24/7 by issuing passwords to key stakeholders. Sharing priority scores in real time with your commercial team or partners leads to faster adaptation of all players to your business values and current goals.

For an organization using the Opportunity Management tool in several geographical teams, opportunities can be consolidated daily by our Opportunities Gold tool.

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