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Need to show your ISO 9001 auditors that you are continuously analyzing and tracking the performance of your key suppliers?

You can't possibly track every non-conformance with every single supplier that serves you. You need to focus on suppliers whose performance most severely impacts you. You are required to have visibility as to how your suppliers are performing, and PRIO makes it easy to do, in a way that continuously scores and ranks your best and worst performing suppliers.

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Assign each supplier to one of your team, with a proposed review deadline. If no confirmation is entered by the deadline, a reminder will be sent to the person, by SMS-text to their cellphone, or by email. Further reminders will be sent at intervals of your choice, such as once a day, until the review is acknowledged or the deadline is reset.

An on-line listing of key suppliers, ranked by their relative performance impacts, can be securely shared 24/7 by issuing individual passwords to key purchasing staff.