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Need a formal system to estimate the worth of the various job categories in your organization?
Need to demonstrate that you have a formal system to support equity in your salaries?
Need to share some of your job evaluation workload?

Introducing job ranking based on your organization's values.*Confidentiality
Refreshingly simple to use and easy on the eyes.
PRIO starts you off with a typical set of values to use in managing salary ranges, and lets you add, delete or modify parameters and values to suit your unique situation. Some common parameters are:

  • the competitive demand in your area
  • the ideal education for the particular job
  • the incumbent's relevant experience
  • the job's span of control
  • the consequences of mistakes
  • the level of direct supervision of the incumbent
  • the importance of creativity or innovation
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Access to create/edit/list job position scores is managed by issuing each individual with their own password. Your scoring rules are highly configurable and adaptable to exactly your values. *Confidentiality of the weighting you give to your scoring parameters is important; therefore PRIO requires you to specify which individuals may see the exact results vs. an approximation.

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