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Allow your patients the freedom to wait while shopping or relaxing in a coffee shop while receiving text or email progress messages every 10 minutes.

Emergency department (ED) triage prioritizes patients based on urgency of care following a brief initial clinical assessment.  Some countries have nationally recognized triage systems for medical triage.  Examples are the Emergency Severity Index in the United States, the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) , the Australasian Triage Scale, and  the Manchester Triage Scale in the United Kingdom.  These all use a 5-level acuity scale (1 = Resuscitation, 2 = Emergent, 3 = Urgent, 4 = Semi-urgent, 5 = Non- urgent).

QuePasa provides you with a web based triage system initially based on the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS).  Triage takes place on a single screen in your browser and you are required to enter the patient name and select at least one patient symptom or complaint from the 30 displayed.  Certain of your selections may cause additional questions to appear from the full 84 questions provided with an initial QuePasa Paid subscription.  You may alter, add or delete these questions to suit your puposes.  A Free subscription is available with 30 questions, for demonstration purposes only.

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When triaging a patient, you may choose to enter a telephone number or email address to allow QuePasa to communicate with that person every 10 minutes. This causes a text message or email to be sent with the current position in the waiting line and the estimated total wait time, based on the average wait time of the previous six patients.

Scoring is easily adjusted if you require less than 5-level scoring.