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Help your team through a visible list of your most profitable customers and treat them as they deserve.

Introducing customer ranking based on your own values. Refreshingly simple to use and easy on the eyes.

Approximately 25% to 40% of satisfied customers do not come back to the places of business where they have been satisfied (recent study by professors Anthony J. Zahorak and Roland T. Rust of Vanderbilt University in Nashville). This surprising piece of information illustrates the need to go beyond just satisfaction with the customers your success depends on.

PRIO lets you score the relative importance of your customers or distributors based on the magnitude of the sales opportunities presented to you and the closeness of the match to your current objectives. Focusing your service on your best customers becomes simple.

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Your scoring rules are highly configurable and adaptable to exactly your current values and priorities, and your own business' weighting of each factor. Typically, businesses intent on focusing their resources will then rank customers as A, B, or C for various score ranges.

An on-line listing of your customers' scores can be securely shared 24/7 by issuing passwords, or you may prefer an xls or mdb file of your customer rankings.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, operate a larger business, or are optimizing a sold-out or fully loaded service organization, QuePasa has a subscription plan that caters to your needs.