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Worried about availability and reliable shipment to your customers of your most profitable products because your organization treats all your products the same?

Introducing product ranking based on your own values. Refreshingly simple to use and easy on the eyes.

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PRIO lets you score the relative importance of your products based on your own team's choices, such as volume and margin, the importance of each product to your current strategy, and the consequences associated with stock-out of each product. Focusing your service on your best products becomes simpler.

Your scoring rules are highly configurable and adaptable to exactly your current values and priorities, and your own business' weighting of each factor. Typically, businesses intent on focusing their resources will then rank products as A, B, or C for various score ranges.

An optional on-line listing of your product scores can be securely shared 24/7 by issuing passwords.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, operate a larger business, or are optimizing a sold-out or fully loaded service organization, QuePasa has a subscription plan that caters to your needs.